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Access a wide range of free courses designed to enhance your skincare knowledge and expertise.

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Welcome to Circadia University


Our courses are available online and on-demand, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Free on-demand Courses

With more than 40 courses and counting, Circadia University hosts all things professional skin care. Professionals can learn protocols, tips & tricks and stay current on all new releases. It is pioneered by Michael Q. Pugliese and features our top educators.


Aging Skin Specialist

NEW! Take a deep dive into the root causes of aging and really treatments actually work. Not only will you learn the key to solving the aging puzzle, you’ll emerge as the esthetician known for understanding the science and secrets to revitalize your clients’ skin.

Course and Certification: $299


Chemical Peel Specialist

Our Skin Specialist Chemical Peels Certification Course goes beyond the basics of peels, and covers the scientific theory to safely and effectively treat your clients. This course is taught by Michael Q. Pugliese himself!

Course and Certification: $299


5 Mile Famous Masterclass 

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn everything you need to deploy this winning marketing strategy yourself for just $5-10 per day.

Masterclass: $299


Dermaplane Certification

Developed by renowned dermaplane specialist, Sonia Altamura. This course takes you on a virtual journey of hands-on training, providing step-by-step dermaplane techniques, advanced protocols, facial mapping, and much more.
Get Certified For Just $350


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Skin Transformation Challenge

Get all the information you need to succeed in the first annual Skin Transformation Challenge!

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Learn on Any Device

Accessing Circadia University Online Education on any device offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility to estheticians seeking to enhance their skills in the skincare industry. With the ability to study anytime, anywhere, on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, students can seamlessly integrate learning into their busy schedules. Whether it's exploring free courses, pursuing advanced certifications, or receiving expert guidance, the digital platform ensures easy access to valuable resources and support.

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